Spring 2020

Stay up to date on the latest trends by reading our fashion blog. Tracy will give you tips on how-to’s, what to wear, and style ideas for the season. 


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Color Trends of Spring 2020 are beginning to show. Make a statement at an occasion with poppy red or any shade of pink. A dreary winter is leaving us and spring is coming in hot… including it’s shades. When mixing these two colors, stand out with electric red and hot pink, or tone it down with a light pink and soft red. Embrace with color blocking as we’ve seen recently at the Emmys by Marisa Tomei and Taraji Hensen. This season will have a variation of bold, bright, and unique hues. Use them to stand out or blend into the trend this season. Start your Spring off right and bright with this trend.

“Life is too short to wear boring clothes”

From abstract prints to neon animal prints, these alluring patterns are what makes the world of fashion so much fun! Mixing, matching, and combining prints keep Fall 2019 more exciting than ever. Whether its blacks and whites or warm colors, these items can be paired with anything from a denim to a black or white slack. Whether pulled directly into your full outfit or incorporated into accessories, you can make this fall trend your own. With this trend…everything goes.

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Coastal Class

It’s summer 2019 on the shoreline and playful dresses with prints are in. From the lemoncello dress to the multi-colored oyster pattern, these dresses are perfect for days around town, down by the beach, and enjoying evenings at the club. Many with special UV protection designed into the fabric. They are not only an easy outfit to throw on but they are also fun and stylish. Pair it with our raffia trainers for a casual look, or the natural sandals to make it more chic.


Living Coral

We’re seeing pops of Pantone’s color of the year everywhere. It is so pleasing to the eye, really capturing the beholder. Wearing this color takes a plain top to a completely elevated new look of pure style. The woman who walks down the street wearing this color trend is confident and happy, enjoying every minute of the day. We have a variation of garments adorning the color this season, from tee shirts to cropped pants, and even on our shoes. Pair it with other bold colors to make a statement or a classic white accent for a complimentary chic look.


Whether it’s head to toe or simply an accent piece, yellow is creeping it’s way back into our first week of spring. Although not everyone would call yellow “their color,” there are ways to make them work for you! Bright yellows are not always the way to go. Try a more subtle shade of yellow to ensure a vibrant, yet simplistic look. If the full yellow look isn’t working for you, try yellow accents or accessories. From a scarf to subtle floral, you’ll be on our way summer in no time!

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Spring 2019 is wiping out the blackout look. Neutrals are in! From head to toe; caramel, beige, tans, creams, and browns are taking over your look. The key….finding a color that suites you. Variations of color that will compliment your skin tone is what your going for. Don’t be afraid to mix tones and textures! Slight variations of tones and combining of different fabrics and textures will give each outfit a chic and edgy look. Oh…and don’t forget about accessories. Grab a suede heel and a mix tone fur bag to pair with your look. These neutral tones may look boring on paper, but it can be brought to life this season starting with a statement bag, cashmere sweater, or simply…. your next coffee.

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Tassels are absolutely EVERYWHERE this summer season! They can be found hanging on tops and cover-ups, dangling from earrings and necklaces, and decorating sandals and loafers. Tassels are a simple addition to any outfit and when added correctly, they can make you look trendy and fresh. However, be warned, too many tassels and your look can quickly resemble the fateful “curtain dress” from the Carol Burnett Show interpretation of “Gone With the Wind”. Frankly my dear, we DO give a damn about looking fashionable, so we suggest restraining each outfit to one or two tassels maximum. This should prevent any potential curtain or drapery confusion.


Fringe is a trend that hit the fashion world by storm and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It’s easy to add elements of fringe to make any outfit instantly beachside boho-chic. For example, toss on a pair of raw-edged white jeans, or slip into these adorable Stitched Stripe Block Heel sandals by Jaggar and your look will instantly become fresher, freer, and more fun! Fan of the fringe but want to keep it understated? Try our stunning Sail to Sable White Fringe dress with a pair of platinum Jack Rogers sandals for a more classic interpretation of this funky trend.


Pom-Poms can add just the right touch of personality to your look. They make any look pop and can splash some color into your pigment-parched wardrobe. Make pom-poms the center of attention with a funky and feminine straw bag. Or force them off center stage and onto these gorgeous and delicate pom-pom lined dresses and tops by Sail To Sable.