Falling Forward 2023

With a careful eye and a few tips everyone can look stylish. An earring here, a scarf there… So, what’s the latest? What colors are hot? How can you update an outfit? In this post we discuss some of the latest tips and trends, with a focus on Fall 2023 and Winter 2024.

Coming up Color

Some colors the Pantone experts believe will be trending in Fall 2023 and Winter 2024 include bold shades such as Rose Violet (a bright red-fuchsia that radiates high energy), Viva Magenta (an eye caching shade of pinkish-purple), Red Orange (a vibrant and fiery orange), High Visibility (a bright and vibrant yellow), Kohlrabi (a playful and vivid green) and Persian Jewel (a bright periwinkle).

Tip: Pair bright and bold colors with your favorite neutral for a surefire successful ou􀆞it. New neutrals include Tender Peach (a soft orange-y beige), Hot Fudge (a dark chocolate brown), and Coconut Milk (an opaque and milky-white). Neutral plus bold and bright, or neutral with neutral, can make for easy and successful dressing.

Color of the Year: Viva Magenta!

Each season Pantone’s Color of the Year inspires fashion and interior designers everywhere. Brights are taking on classic jewel tones this year, with Viva Magenta leading the way. The vibrant hues are simple and easy to mix and match. Pair different bright colors together flawlessly for a playful look or use one vibrant color to create a fun monochromatic outfit. If you don't want to adopt ultra-vibrant colors, you could tone it down a bit by opting for subtle shades instead. A gentle pea green, powder blue, or classic cream are great colors for when you want to mellow down the vibe.


Scarves, the Everywhere Accessory

Square scarves, long scarves and blanket scarves are all making a comeback! Scarves are a fantastic way to make any outfit more interesting, as an accent piece to add flair to a basic outfit, or as a cute way to warm up on a cold day. There are a countless number of ways to tie and throw this chic accessory. Have fun and experiment in order to find your perfect way to accessorize. Channel your inner French woman! Here are videos of some of our favorite scarf styles. 

How to tie long scarves: https://www.instyle.com/fashion/clothing/how-to-tie-scarf-gifs 

How to tie winter scarves: https://youtu.be/nMEeS4skeF8 

How to tie square scarves: https://youtu.be/yUAsOYbzjng 


Other Trends of Note

Comfy clothes have been in style since the pandemic, especially the "athleisure" trend. Matching sets of leggings, crop tops, sports bras, and athletic jackets can be seen anywhere you turn. This fall and winter, elevated athleisure is expected to be an exciting and  wearable trend, and we're ready for it at Tracy Brent Collections and Tracy 2.

Fashion trends are constantly recycling, and this season is no different. Trends from the '80s are especially making a resurgence. That means we'll be seeing lots of bold, metallic pieces, geometric patterns, oversized pieces, and maybe even a few shoulder pads. When shopping around, don't be afraid to try something new, bright, and bold.  

Leather, an ‘80s inspired material is making a comeback this season in new ways. We will be seeing new takes on leather staples such as bomber and biker jackets.. Look for leather dresses, maxi skirts, and even colored leather, which can be worn for most occasions. Leather-on-leather is on trend this season, so grab that leather tank top pair with a leather mini or maxi skirt. Of course, leather boots and handbags are always in style and make great accessories.     


More Looks We Like

Don't Forget Accessories!

We often say you can dress an outfit up or down with accessories. So what’s new in that all important category? This season, bags are more important and practical than ever! The mini bag trend is still popular, as are oversized bags. Oversized bags are a simple and easy way to carry things you need for every day of the week, whether they’re used for work, beach days, going out to dinner, or running errands.

Handbags are a fantastic addition to any outfit. This season we can expect to see top handle bags. Neutral top handle bags will always be a smart choice but if you're looking for a new and exciting piece try a bag in a vibrant color, metallic, or one with diamonds. 

Belts are not only functional but can set the tone for an entire outfit. Leather belts make great staple pieces but studded leather belts make a beautiful statement. Studded belts can be used to dress up simple jeans or dresses. The possibilities are endless!

And Finally, Winter White

Wearing white linen pants and mesh dresses in the hot summer months is a great way to beat the heat. Lightweight fabrics don’t work in the winter unless you live in a warm climate so, as the seasons begin to change, it’s time to start thinking about what to wear in the cooler months.

Winter white is a great option because it isn’t pure white but rather closer to cream or ivory. The color is typically found in heavier pieces such as wool, flannel, tweed, cashmere, and more. During the winter months, many of us gravitate towards dark hues. Incorporating this crisp shade into your closet during the winter months can make you feel fresh and sharp. Winter white is the perfect way to brighten up those dreary and cold days. Winterizing your wardrobe can seem daunting but it’s mainly about your staple pieces. First, you’ll need a good puffer jacket or trench coat to keep you warm along with a cozy beanie and stylish scarf. Then, grab some cute sweaters, a pair of boots, and a purse to tie the look together. Then, how you choose to style the beautiful shade is completely up to you! You can go for a bold monochrome moment or throw on a few white colored pieces if you want more of a lowkey look. No matter what you choose, make sure you’re having fun!

We’d love to hear from you about your favorite colors, updates and fabrics. And send photos too!